Introducing an innovative social media management dashboard! Manage, schedule, and engage with millions of active users all from one place.

We want you to put your focus on content and customer engagement. We do the hard work while you receive notifications right to your device!

Select your content

Upload and edit your images or videos using our media editor.

Set post time and date

Once you have finished editing your content you can decide whether to post the media at that time or schedule a time for a later date.

Select your accounts

Select which one of your social media accounts you would like your newly created content to be posted to. You can have the same content go to muiltiple accounts across different social media platforms, or just one.

Manage your posts

Manage all your posts from our unique calendar and alway know exactly how many posts you have planned out. Easy drag and drop a previously scheduled post to reschedule it.

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Manage the most widely used platforms:

Who can benefit from Social Ninja?

Social Ninja was designed for business owners and social media management moguls alike. We know what it is like to have to maintain your social media and run your business at the same time! That’s why we designed this for people just like you!


White Belt Package$19.99*

  • 1 Account
  • No Team Members
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Unlimited Posting

Orange Belt Package$49.99*

  • 5 Accounts
  • 4 Team Members
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Unlimited Posting

Black Belt Package$99.99*

  • 25 Accounts *5 Instagram accounts included
  • 15 Team Members
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Unlimited Posting

Optional Addons

  • 1 additional team member $9.99
  • 1 additional account $9.99
  • * Monthly prices
  • 10% discount for yearly plans
There are 2.2 Billion social media users and 176 million new users this year alone! So what are you waiting for?
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